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Veterinary Exam

Book your pet's next wellness exam to keep them happy and healthy.

Veterinary Exam

Book your pet's next wellness exam to keep them happy and healthy.

Veterinary exams are a part of preventative care that takes place annually. These routine exams allow our veterinarians to monitor your pet's overall health. The focus during these visits is to monitor their health , look for any signs of underlying disease, and detect them as early as possible. For more information about veterinary exams, give us a call at 519-683-4508.

When should I bring my puppy or kitten for the first veterinary exam?

While there is no set age, bringing your kitten or puppy to a veterinary clinic within 24 to 72 hours of adopting them is advised. If you already have kittens or puppies at home, it is recommended to take them to the veterinary clinic before you take them home. The veterinarian can take note of your new companion's baseline health and ensure they are all set with their vaccinations.

Can I get my cat spayed/neutered during a veterinary exam?

During the veterinary exam, you can discuss the spaying/neutering procedure with your veterinarian and clarify any concerns you may have. However, you will have to book a separate appointment for the procedure. Spay/neuter is a surgical procedure that cannot be done during a veterinary exam.

What should I bring along to a veterinary exam?

We highly recommend that you bring a list of questions and concerns to the appointment. If you have any concerns regarding food supplements or medications that your pet is consuming, you can bring them along to show and discuss them with the veterinarian.

If your pet is very anxious, you can bring a toy or an object that calms them. 

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